Alingsås Energi takes over responsibility for developing Lights in Alingsås

Alingsås municipality has decided to transfer the responsibility of Lights in Alingsås to Alingsås Energi, who is supposed to continue the development of light design as a long-term part of Alingsås Vision. Recently, a new 3-year agreement between Alingsås Energi and the light organization International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) was reached on cooperation on one of the biggest events in light design, Lights in Alingsås (LiA). ” Alingsås Energi has been a proud sponsor since the start of the event 18 years ago and an important part of Lights in Alingsås, an annual light festival where light designers and light students from all over the world come here and plan light installations along a walking loop of about 3 km. Every year, the event is visited by around 80,000 people and during the five weeks long event Alingsås explodes in colour and brings people outdoors. Alingsås Energi has over the years been responsible for the practical implementation of a workshop with a team of light designers and students as well as students from the electricityprogram at Alströmersgymnasium, to realize the workshop participants ideas and thoughts about just how their lighting installation should look and perceived by the visitors. A highly appreciated cooperation for all parties.
"Starting in 2018, we now also take over the entire responsibility for the development of Lights in Alingsås, including  agreements and the international contacts. We are very proud of the responsibilities we have received and look forward to the new assignment,
says Jan Olofzon, CEO of Alingsås Energi"
”IALD is delighted to continue its support of the very special Lights in Alingsås event. Alingsås Energi is uniquely positioned to lead this 18-year enterprise into its next phase of development. We look forward to our continued collaboration with the Lights in Alingsås team, says Marsha L. Turner, CEO of IALD.”
Alingsås Energi is a competitive and reliable supplier of energy and infrastructure services with a clear focus on the overall customer and energy-efficient and climate-friendly solutions. We want to be involved in the development of sustainable society and work long-term and purposeful to reduce resource consumption in society. Alingsås Energi
The International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) is an international organization, established in 1969 and based in Chicago.  supporting a network of more than 1,300 lighting design professionals who satisfy its rigorous qualification process. Its members are distinguished by a unique blend of aesthetic and technical expertise, and operate at the highest level of integrity to create a better world through leadership and excellence in lighting design; to cultivate the universal acknowledgement and appreciation of the Power of Light in human life. IALD